22 September 2016

I love the styling work MINNA has done for MARIMEKKO's F/W 2016 home collection. I really dig the brown and beige colour theme. It feels like something new yet familiar -in a good way! And ps...I really really really want the VARVUNRAITA bed linen!

21 September 2016

© ri-make

If you are looking for inspiration and tips on how to refresh or redesign your interior, go follow RI-MAKE. I promise, -you will not be disappointed because she really knows what she is doing! I am more inspired than ever... as you can see on yesterdays INSTAGRAM post.

14 September 2016

The BOLLO CHAIR. I have had a huge crush on this chair ever since the first time I saw it. Designed by ANDREAS ENGESVIK for FOGIA. Bold and beautiful!

9 September 2016

A simple bedroom with a touch of floral and brass in perfect harmony. From THE KINFOLK HOME book.

7 September 2016

6 September 2016

The last few years I have become more and more conscious about what goes on my skin and in my body. I try to eat clean, as well as use mostly organic and natural cosmetic products. Earlier this summer I fell in love with a natural perfume by NUDEITE. And lately I have been trying out a wonderful donkey milk soap by VOLUME FRANCE

VOLUME FRANCE is a small volume producer of natural donkey milk soap bars. The brand was established in 2015 by Laetitia who designs and manufactures the soaps with raw milk from her OWN DONKEYS IN ASINERIE, FRANCE. Every soap bar is carefully handmade and unique, and they come in three different kinds: Nature, Green Bamboo and Fig Leaves.

I chose the Red Clay with Fig Leaves and I must say I have rarely used a more moisturizing soap. It gives a refreshing feel in addition to nourish the skin instead of stripping it like a lot of cleansing products do. You can actually feel the moisturizing effect at once you start to use it. So soft! The design is also very appealing in a minimalistic and simple way, beautifully wrapped in unbleached paper. Pop on over to VOLUME FRANCE to read more about the delicate process and to get to know each of the donkeys.

I am eager to try out the natural one as well as the green bamboo! They are all available for purchase at VOLUME FRANCE. You can also find VOLUME FRANCE on INSTAGRAM.  Go follow!

23 August 2016

© Freunde von Freunden

Function before beauty. "Acclaimed London-based architect SIMON ASTRIDGE crafts elegant, award-winning homes with an emphasis on everyday experience. He discusses why “the clean white box in the perfect world” simply isn’t relevant anymore and why he puts an authentic experiences above all else." Freunde von Freunden

18 August 2016

Had the best time in Copenhagen this summer. Shopping for fall, eating out and enjoying the summer vibes in the city. 

17 August 2016

16 August 2016

© alvhem

Sometimes all you need is a perfectly soft colored wall...

12 August 2016

as soft as this

© bjurfors / styling by emma fisher

This soft nude color palette is making my heart jump! 

13 July 2016


© so soft sunday / sponsored

A while back I came across NUDEITE PARFUM on INSTAGRAM. The most beautiful handmade ceramic vessels in the softest color range really caught my eye. The vessels are containing the most mesmerizing perfume oils.  

NUDEITE PARFUM is a contemporary perfume house and design collective, showcasing and collaborating with talented designers and craftsmen to develop beautiful, natural perfume. Focusing on natural beauty, their perfumes and body butters are entirely natural and organic, containing high quality essential oils. Total luxe!

First of all I love their eco friendly vision. A beauty collection that is all natural, kind to your skin, body and the environment.  But also a perfume bottle that you want to display, collect and reuse. That is quite unique.

I received a sample of KISS THE SKY. "A summery, chilled vibe... a little bohemian, yet incredibly fresh and vibrant. This fragrance transports you to those heady summer days in the sun, a reminder of the smell of ripened plums as they fall to the ground in the heat of the summer sun..." It has a lovely soft smell, -not too sweet, not too heavy. And the oil has a wonderful smooth almost nourishing feel to my sensitive skin. There are a total of 12 different scents, available as oils, solid perfume, body butter or as a handy roll on.


6 July 2016

A kitchen dream

My love for plywood is never-ending. And this kitchen is just a dream! A major inspiration for a future diy-kitchen...

5 July 2016

A photographers home

© Peter Krasilnikoff

Love everything in this room! The light, the mood, the colors and the soft minimalism. The spacious home belongs to photographer PETER KRASILNIKOFF in Copenhagen, read and see more images over at EMS DESIGNBLOGG

10 June 2016


© metaphys

On the move again... Currently craving THIS sleek and oh so beautiful cordless vacuum cleaner.

22 April 2016

Get shit done!

© vissevasse

Currently obsessing over these notebooks recently launched by VISSEVASSE.

13 April 2016


© so soft sunday | sponsored

The ALPS EXPRESS book holder designed for DADADUM by Nicolas Le Moigne. Perfectly designed to showcase your favourite book, magazine or print. It comes in folded steel with a matte powdered coating, and in several different COLOURS, available for purchase online. My personal favorite is the snow white one. 

10 March 2016


© elisabeth heier

I love the work of Norwegian interior stylist and blogger ELISABETH HEIER, and what she has done with the interior design of the newly opened store FINE TING in Majorstua Oslo, together with the owner of the shop. The brass pendant light by ANOUR is definitely on my wishlist!

9 March 2016


© iittala

Two masters of timeless design from two sides of the world share their vision of a home with harmony. The end result, IITTALA X ISSEY MIYAKE COLLECTION, a unique collaborative collection of high quality ceramics, glass and home textiles.

8 March 2016


 © søstrene grene

SØSTRENE GRENE are launching a new interior collection these days. I quite like what I've seen so far. The collection is available from 10 March. Browse through their CATALOGUE for more spring news.

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